Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sprucing Up!

If you are a stay-at-home Mom like myself, then some days you may not have the opportunity to shower. I try to shower daily, but there are some days where I do not get the chance. Now, if I set my alarm for 5:00, and took a shower before the boys started waking up, then I guess I could shower every day, but who wants to get up that early? Actually, ever since daylight savings happened, Miles has been waking up at 5:00, so there really is no time for me to shower before he wakes up. There is NO way I am getting up at 4:30 AM just to shower!

I always take my shower when Miles goes down for his first nap. What do I do with my 2 year old you might be wondering? I do what any good parent would do...set up the portable DVD player in my room and hand him a big bowl of goldfish. This keeps Eli busy for quite some time and I can fully trust that he will not get into anything while I'm in the shower. He's been taught right from wrong, and not that he doesn't make wrong choices, but he knows exactly what he is allowed to touch and what he isn't allowed to touch. Here is a photo I snapped the other day of his set up. I never hear a peep out of him!

My sister sent me a text the other day saying I should do a post on my blog about how much better you feel when you do shower in the morning and this is true. I realized this quickly when I started staying at home. Even though there are days where I do not leave the house and nobody sees me, I still feel ten times better when I take a shower, put on a little makeup, fix my hair, and get dressed. It always boosts my mood and anytime I see my reflection for the rest of the day, I smile, instead of thinking to myself, "Ewww....comb your hair! What's that on my face? Nice circles under the eyes!" 

I'm pretty sure Ryan also appreciates when I shower and put on something other than my pajamas for when he walks in the door. I'm not talking anything fancy here...just a pair of jeans and simple shirt. But, I know when he walks in the door from a long day at work, his day is made a little better when he sees his wife has showered and closely resembles the girl that he married. (pre-baby)   :-)

There are still days where I might stay in my sweats all day simply because I am tired and do not feel like going through all the work of drying my hair, etc...but they are happening less and less. I really do feel like a new person after getting myself ready for the day. I always seem to have more energy and feel better about myself. (Probably like exercising...but let's just focus on one thing at a time!) ;-)

If you are one that does not take the time to get yourself ready in the mornings...then give it a try! I'm giving you a 5 day challenge of showering daily and putting something on besides sweats or your pajamas. Let me know how you feel at the end of the week! I promise, you won't regret it! 


  1. I feel the same exact way! I always feel better when I shower and fix myself up a little. I also usually take a shower when Rhett is down, and fully trust that Case knows what he is allowed to touch and not touch. It is so nice! :) Love the portable DVD idea! He's usually eating a snack and watching a TV when I shower too!

  2. LOVE it!! This is exactly how my blog was born!! It gives me even more incentive to get dressed daily. You definitely feel better the days you get ready! And no worries...I think every mother known to man uses the old TV trick to get some shower time!